Powder Coating Technique – Its Applications And Numerous Benefits

Powder Coating Technique – Its Applications And Numerous Benefits

Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in concrete services

The technique of powder coating has become immensely popular in the past few years. It is used for surface coating and surface finishing. Many manufactures use the technique for applying coatings on vehicle parts, wheels and other metal objects.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is the process where dry paint is applied on specific parts of items like coil springs, household fixtures, vehicle parts, strut bars, bumpers, engine parts, wheels and metals. A powder coating service may be hired to give finishes that prove to be much more durable when compared with traditional paints.

The material of powder coating is made from resin, pigments, compounds and finely ground particles. These particles are mixed together, heated and then ground together into a powder. Once prepared, the experts of powder coating service shoot the powder on the surface with the help of spray guns and the electrostatic spray disposition process. When charged, the particles tend to stick to electrically grounded areas on application of heat. In order to strengthen the powder, molecular chains are created for increasing its durability.

A good powder coating service can effectively perform the process. However, to ensure quality work, it is important to hire a good and trusted service provider. An internet search can help in finding a good powder coating service provider who offers dependable and fast services for various types of coating needs.

Benefits of powder coating

Few reasons why powder coating is a preferred choice include:

  • This method of dry painting is also considered to be better than spray paints due to its ability to resist damage and durability.
  • The method is preferred by vehicle painters as

    it gives a beautiful, durable and flawless finish.

  • The biggest advantage of powder coating is that it doesn’t drip and sag while applying the coat and hence gives an impressive and uniform colour.
  • Powder coatings do not use thinners and solvents and hence are considered environment friendly.
  • Powder coating resists scratches, chips, damages and abrasions and is hence preferred by painters.
  • This method helps in cutting down on labour costs.
  • The process of powder coating takes lesser time and hence increases the total output.
  • The process of powder coating proves to be suitable for objects which have a complex shape.
  • The process avoids wastage which is often caused due to spillage of other types of paints.

Applications of powder coating

A powder coating service may be hired for numerous types of applications. The process can effectively be used for coating both plastic and metal surfaces like plastic sign boards, patio furniture, metal fences, machine parts and several other objects. All such objects may be sprayed in metallic, plain or clear colours.

How can powder coating be used by businesses?

A powder coating service may be hired to gather information about the wide range of available colour choices. These available colour options can help in creating signature logos and colour schemes for the business. Such logos and colour schemes look distinct and can effectively catch the attention of prospective customers. This can bring more business and hence prove profitable in the long run.

Powder coating offers a unique way of coating various types of items with different colours. The technique offers several advantages and is hence quite popular.